Gibson ES-335 1966 Faded Cherry Red


This Gibson ES-335 1966 in original faded Cherry Red has been a shop favorite for a few months now but it's time to move it on. I've loved having this one around to pick up whenever the ES-335 itch comes on. The original patent number pickups have all the rich fullness and complexity I look for in great Gibson humbuckers. It's a blast to play despite the typical fret wear. 

Make and Model: Gibson ES-335 TDC 

Year: 1966. Serial number 851xxx, light pore filler (pre-1967), skinny nut width. Check out How to date a Gibson ES-335

Measurements: 8lbs even total weight, neck profile at the first fret = 0.80", profile at the 12th fret = 0.98". 

Originality: All parts appear to be original except the bridge (repro nickel ABR-1) and switch tip. There is no evidence of any prior breaks or repairs. All solder is original. 

Condition: Worn, faded, checked, and cool. Its structural condition is as rock solid as any other great ES-335. The Cherry Red top finish has faded significantly to an orange color. There are a few white flecks on the back of the body. It's missing the very last fretboard inlay. 

Playability: Great player! There's a significant amount of fret wear on the original frets that some players would rather see correct with a refret of heavy fret level. I enjoyed playing it as is so I decided not to change it. The neck is straight and the potentiometers and output jack have been cleaned. 

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