Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974


This Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974 in original black finish with gold hardware has survived in spectacular condition and plays like a dream! All parts appear to be original to the guitar and it has suffered no neck break or repair. It comes with its original Gibson brand case. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Custom

Year: 1974. Potentiometer code "1377348" (137 = CTS, 73 = 1973, 48 = 48th week). Serial number "106xxx" with made in USA stamp. Check out How to date a Gibson Les Paul

Measurements: 10 lbs 10 oz total weight. The neck profile measures 0.82" deep at the first fret and 1.02" deep at the 12th fret. 

Originality: 100% except the pickup covers have been removed and reinstalled and the pickups have likely been out before and a replaced switch tip. They do appear to be the original pickups. The guitar was previously owned by "Pat Toohey" and he marked his name on the control cavity plate, neck tenon heel, and bridge pickup cavity edge. All else appears to be original and undisturbed.

Condition: Very good! There is typical light scratching on the top and wear and tarnish on the gold parts. Overall it appears to have very low miles. 

Playability: Excellent! The original fretless wonder style frets standard on Custom level Gibsons are in great shape with little wear. The neck is straight and the truss rod works as intended. The pots and output jack have been cleaned and operate as intended. 

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