Gibson Les Paul Model Goldtop 1952


This 1952 Gibson Les Paul goldtop is sold but is a fine example of the model. I'm always on the hunt for the nicest examples of 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitars. Contact me here if you're interested in selling a vintage Gibson Les Paul: Sell a Gibson

I'm thrilled to present this 1952 Gibson Les Paul goldtop to the market for the first time since it was sold new. I purchased this all original example from the original owner's son who had no interest in playing guitar. He said that he inherited his father's Les Paul after he passed away in the 1960s. It's a fantastic example from the first year of Gibson's forray into the solid body electric guitar world. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Model

Year: 1952. No serial number, tall barrel knobs (uncommon variation), no switch ring. Check out Gibson Les Paul Serial Numbers for help with dating a 1950s Les Paul. 

Unique Features: Tall barrel knobs found only during 1952. The P-90 magnets are installed in opposite magnetic direction making it out of phase in the middle position. This could be easily remedied by loosening the bobbin mounting screws of the bridge pickup and turning the magnet, but I didn't feel that it was necessary to do so.

Measurements: 9.1 lbs / 4.15kg overall weight. Neck profile at the first fret = 0.91" deep, 12th fret = 1.04" deep. 

Originality: All parts are original to this guitar except for the strings. 

Repairs: One solder joint reflowed on the output jack lug. The wire was broken off the output jack when the guitar arrive which was likely a significant reason why no one played it. The edges of two fretboard inalys were glued down. 

Playability: Excellent! The frets are like new, the neck is straight, and the electronics function as intended. 

Original case: Clean and in exceptionally well preserved condition. 

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