Fender Telecaster 1966 Blond

$16,995.00 $18,995.00

This light weight 1966 Fender Telecaster was made just before many of the unpopular CBS era updates to the model. It has all the great pre-CBS features including its beautiful original Blond nitro finish, transitional logo, Maple cap fretboard, and cloth wiring. It's completely original except for a rewound bridge pickup and replaced era correct switch.

Measurements: 7.4 lbs / 3.35 kg overall weight. The neck measures 1.61" / 40.8mm wide at the nut, 0.84" deep at the first fret, and 0.92" deep at the 12th fret. The bridge pickup reads 6.31k ohms and the neck pickup reads 6.89k ohms. 

Originality: All parts and finish are original to the guitar except for a rewound original bridge pickup by Jim Rolphe and a replaced era correct switch. The bridge pickup was dead and the switch was broken when I bought the guitar from its original owner. I installed the replacement original switch with modern wiring set up since I prefer easy access to the middle position.

Condition: Very good! There is significant corrosion on the bridge and saddles but it doesn't affect playability. The Blond finish is very clean and beautiful. 

Playability: Excellent! The frets have very little wear, although they are small and low from the factory. The neck is straight and all electronics operate as intended.

Ownership history: I purchased it from its original owner in California.

Notes: Comes with its original hard shell case and leather strap.

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