As a professional vintage Gibson guitar buyer, I always wear my uniform! I was pleased to meet the daughter of the long time owner of this vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV Model electric guitar in Pell City, Alabama. Her dad played the guitar a lot of stripped it of its original finish. Lucky for us, he left the original finish on the front of the guitar designating it a Les Paul TV Model. 

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Vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV Model guitar
The earliest known Les Paul TV Model guitars were made in 1954, although the model wasn't listed in the catalog until 1956. It's the exact same guitar as a same year Les Paul Junior, except that it features Gibson's limed Mahogany finish which is now known as TV Yellow. Gibson's Les Paul Special model also featured the Limed Mahogany finish but with the added benefit of a neck pickup, control knobs for the additional pickup, neck binding, and a pearl Gibson headstock logo. 
Gibson's Les Paul TV Model, Les Paul Junior, and Les Paul Special models were updated in 1958 to feature the new double cutaway body style. This 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV Model features the double cutaway body style and the smaller frets that Gibson used until about 1959. Surviving shipment records from 1958 indicate that Gibson shipped only 429 Les Paul TV Models that year. I'm thrilled to have this guitar!
Gibson Les Paul double cutaway body shape
John Shults

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