As a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar buyer, I get to meet a lot of great original owners of fantastic vintage guitars! This is my new friend and I in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Springville, Alabama. My friend bought this 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior in original Cherry Red finish in the early 1960s while working as a gas station attendant. He played the guitar a lot! But thankfully, it never needed repairs or modifications. 

He found my website while looking for help with dating a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar. I love looking at vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars and have become quite proficient in dating them after over a decade of buying them. Are you looking for help with how to date a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar? You can click that link to contact me for help. I'd love to check out your guitar. You can also reach out to me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar

This 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior is from the last year of the thick slab mahogany double cutaway body style. It features an impressed serial number with four digits in the 3xxx range. The neck profile is wide and slim which is typical for 1961. 

 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior vintage electric guitar

John Shults

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