After buying a Fender Jazzmaster 1963 in Chicago, I boarded a flight to Los Angeles to buy this Fender Model 26 Deluxe woody amp and Organ Button guitar! I purchased both the Fender Model 26 amp and guitar from the son of their original owner. I'm always looking to be the buyer for great vintage Fender amplifiers and guitars. You can contact me here to sell a Fender amp

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The Fender Model 26 Deluxe amp, usually referred to as a woody amp because of the finished wood cabinet, was introduced during the first month of the Fender Electric Instrument Co's founding: February of 1946. That's also where it got its name (2 - February, 6 - 1946). It's a striking looking amp with chrome metal grill covering strips, felt grill cloth offered in Red, Blue, or Gold, and a finished wood cabinet offered in Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, and sometimes Oak. 

This Fender Model 26 Deluxe amp from 1946 has survived in amazing condition with shiny chrome. It has the Red felt grill cloth and dark Walnut cabinet which is a particularly great looking combination. It has its original 10" Jensen field coil speaker still mounted inside. I was amazed to find that the amp and guitar still have their original canvas covers!

If you're looking to sell a Fender Model 26 woody amp then you can contact me here: sell a Fender amp. I'm looking to build my collection of great Fender amplifiers in clean and unmodified condition. I might be the buyer you're looking for who will come to you for an in-person deal. 

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