This vintage 1978 Ibanez Artist model 2619 electric guitar came through the shop this year and was a fantastic example of late 1970s Japanese design and craftsmanship. I received a call from a guy in Fort Payne, Alabama one day who was looking to sell a vintage Ibanez guitar. I'm always a vintage Ibanez guitar buyer so I was quite pleased when the pictures of this guitar came through. You can contact me here to sell an Ibanez guitar

I was initially not very familiar with the 1978 Ibanez 2619 so I looked up the features that stood out to me. The Flying Fingers design in the gold covers of the humbucking pickups were a hint of the time period it came from. I could also see large pearl inlays on the fretboard, thick binding, and gold hardware. I then spotted the two mini toggle switches above the volume and tone knobs which helped identify the exact model as the 2619 which later became the AR-300.

Vintage Ibanez guitar buyer

The seller said that the 1978 Ibanez Artist 2619 was a gift to him from his mother's employer. The employer was formally a music promoter in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was financing a new band's first tour who then proceeded to buy new gear (The name of the band may have been Dresden). The tour never materialized and nearly all the gear was sold. Although the music promoter was not a guitarist, he decided to keep it under his bed. He recognized his employee's son's talent so he decided to gift it instead or holding on to it for another 30 years. The son loved the guitar, but was more interested in a Fender Telecaster, so he sold it. I was happy to buy!

Dresden band name 1980s

I'm always looking to buyer vintage Ibanez guitars and Ibanez pedals. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Ibanez guitar or pedal!

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