This clean 1941 Gibson Super Jumbo 100 has just emerged from the family of the original owner out of Missoula, Montana. I've been looking for a clean example of the model for a while now so I was happy to find one of the original 138 ever made. The sellers were not interested in shipping so I had no choice but to hop on a plane to Big Sky Country. What a beautiful place!

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Gibson's Super Jumbo body style debuted in the catalog with two new models: the Super Jumbo 200 and the Super Jumbo 100. The 200 featured fancy inlays, Rosewood back and sides, and a $200 price tag! The 100 featured thick binding, simple dot inlays, Mahogany back and sides, and a $100 price tag. Shipment ledgers indicate that only 138 guitars were made before the model was discontinued during World War II. The 200 was reintroduced in 1948 with a couple of changes and is still in production today. The Super Jumbo 100 however was never produced again in the original Kalamazoo, Michigan factory.

1941 Gibson catalog entry for the Super Jumbo 100 model guitar

I booked a flight after the family contacted me and sent pictures of the guitar. The guitar's condition looked pretty nice in the pictures but I was unable to see the interior before inspecting in person. I landed in Missoula a few days later, rented a car, and drove an hour out to sleepy town of Stevensville, MT.

I was happy to find a very clean interior with no issues or prior repairs. The bracing and bridge plate were both in excellent condition. The only repair I could find were replaced tuners in the early 1950s with exact footprint and screw pattern as the original Klusons. The guitar was ready for a neck reset, pickguard reglue, some light fret work, and a proper set of original tuners.

Vintage 1941 Gibson SJ100, Super Jumbo 100
1941 Gibson SJ-100 body and bridge

The family's land was nestled in the valley of Stevensville with snow capped peaks all around. I asked about the closest one since we don't have a lot of snow peak mountains in Birmingham, Alabama, and they directed me to St. Mary's Peak. The trail up the mountain was the perfect backdrop to photograph this beauty only a half hour after emerging from under the bed.

Gibson guitar buyer
1941 Gibson Super Jumbo 100 Mahogany Back

This guitar is currently in the talented hands of Jason Burns ( for the repair. I'm quite eager to hear and play the result!

Are you looking for a nice example of an original 1941 Gibson SJ-100? This one will be available after repair. Leave a comment below with contact information if you're interested in seeing the finished product as soon as it hits the market.

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