The Gibson guitar buying trip to Missoula, Montana wasn't over with just one guitar! My flight itinerary had a connection in Denver, Colorado so I gave myself and extra day there. I had been working towards a deal with the daughter of the original owner of this 1968 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard for about 10 months and remembered it was only a few hours outside of Denver. I reached out to see if she was interested in meeting half way and she agreed.

1966 Gibson catalog entry for the Trini Lopez Standard

Gibson's Trini Lopez Standard model is an ES-335 at its core but features a six on one side headstock like a non-Reverse Firebird and diamond shaped sound holes. The neck joins at the 19th fret, there's a solid Maple center block in the middle of the body to decrease feedback, and it's fitted with two humbucking pickups. It's an extremely fine electric guitar that's sought after by collectors and players alike. This example happens to be very nicely preserved in its original hard shell case with original hang tag and Gibson string box.

1968 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard guitar body

I flew into the Denver airport from Missoula, Montana after buying a 1941 Gibson Super Jumbo 100. I had a full 24 hour layover to secure the guitar and ship it back to Birmingham from Denver. I needed a good Guitar Safari vehicle so I rented a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to make sure I was ready to tackle every paved road on my way out to Silverthorne to meet the seller.

Behind the wheel of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Denver, CO

We met in the Starbucks in Silverthorne, Colorado. I inspected the guitar as curious onlookers racked their brains for any good reason for two strangers to be chatting over an open guitar case in the middle of a Starbucks. The guitar was so nice and unmessed with that I had to lay down the cash then and there. I left with the goods after laying down fat stacks of cash like an addict!

1968 Gibson Trini Lopez and 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

I hurried back to Denver to carefully pack and ship this sweet vintage Gibson guitar back to Birmingham, AL. Thanks to FedEx for make this guitar gallivanting possible! It's now safely back at the headquarters for cleaning, set up, and maybe a little playing time with me. It will be listed and available for purchase soon.

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John Shults

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