1965 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve-039The Silvertone 1484 was manufactured by Danelectro for Sears and sold under the Silvertone brand. The 1484 features two 12" Jensen speakers powered by a 12ax7 preamp and 6L6 power section. These amps have recently surged in popularity because of their use by Jack White, Beck, and anyone else who wants great tone. While the trashy sounding reverb may not appeal to everyone, the smooth drive to hard crunch will please just about any guitar player out there. They're dynamic but also have this different vibe that encourages experimentation and creativity. The sexy, cold war era styling is just the beginning. This 1484 has survived in excellent condition retaining all the original parts except for the added 3 prong power supply for safety. Since Sears was sourcing tubes from RCA, this amp comes with the original matched pair of black plate 6L6GC power tubes as well as all three 12ax7 preamp tubes and the various other tubes. The original Jensen C12Q speakers are strong and in good shape as well. The only changes that have been made to this amp are the power supply and an added speaker jack on the back of the cab. These amps came from the factory with the head hard wired to the cab with a 25' cable in order to reduce feedback (likely to tame that hollow body Silvertone 1446!). These amps are famous for their nice smooth overdrive but they've also got a sweet clean tone at lower volumes. These don't break up quite as early as the 1482 so there's a little more clean headroom. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to talk to me directly about this amp.
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