1964 Echoplex EP-1 with cover

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Posted on August 08 2019

Echoplex EP-1 975-006The Echoplex debuted in 1959 as the first commercially successful tape unit used specifically for echo and delay. Prior units had marginally accomplished this goal but none could compete with the tone and reliability of Mike Battle's Echoplex built by Market Electronics in Toledo, OH. The EP-1 was the first production version of the Echoplex in 1964 after Market Electronics purchased the patent from Battle and kept him on board as a consultant. The EP-1 is known for thick echo and a strong tube preamp. This 1964 Echoplex EP-1 has survived in wonderful condition and retains its original vinyl cover and GE tubes! It's just been serviced by Keedy Amps with a motor rebuild, new power cord, updated 1/4" output plug, capacitor can, and a few drifted resistors. The original parts come with the unit as well. The echo is strong and reliable but still has just enough tape echo warmth. This echo is ready for the studio or the collection.

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