1960 DeArmond™ R5T

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Posted on July 30 2019

The combination of a hand wired, single ended all tube amplifier with Jensen 10" speaker makes this rare amp a recording dream. It's very responsive to both the guitar and the one playing it. I received this amp in completely original condition and it functioned perfectly save for the tremolo. The 2 prong cord was disintegrating so I replaced it with a properly installed 3 prong. The tubes are most likely original (USA Tung Sol rectifier, Magnavox 6V6 and two Amperex Bugle Boy 12Ax7s) so I tested them and they all tested good. I had to replace the oscillating capacitors on the tremolo circuit and one potentiometer but now it is in tip top shape. This amp has no weird pops, hum or volume swells. This will be a great amp well into the future.

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