The Kay Musical Instrument Company really hit its stride in the late 1950s and early 1960s with the electric guitar's surge in popularity. Kay was offering original designs with budget friendly prices that allowed the masses to enjoy this new style of music. Kay models such as the Thin Twin and the Barney Kessell Signature guitar have become desirable vintage collectibles with unique styling and tone. The Sizzler was a solid body electric guitar offered by Kay in the late 1950s that featured a hot pickup, set neck and killer late 50s aesthetics.

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This 1959 Kay Sizzler has survived in nice playing condition and continues to be a solid collectible tool today. All parts are original to the guitar and the only repair necessary was a light fret dress. The neck is straight and the action is low with room for adjustment. The case is in solid condition with two punched through holes. The pickup is hot and a bit darker with a good jump blues type tone. This pickup will have no trouble pushing the front end of your tube amp into smooth, overdriven bliss. 

Vintage 1959 Kay Sizzler electric guitar

Vintage 1959 Kay Sizzler electric guitar

Kay electric guitar headstock

Neck through design Kay Sizzler guitar

John Shults

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