This rare vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar cruised through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage Martin guitar buyer but I'm especially looking for 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s Martin acoustic guitars. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Martin guitar

The C. F. Martin & Co. style 42 was introduced in 1858 as the top of the line, fanciest model until the introduction of the style 45 in 1904. Like most Martin guitars, 1934 marked the transition from 12 to 14 frets clear of the body which ushered in the golden age of acoustic guitars and modern playing styles. While the 000-42 was always received an A+ collectibility rating, Eric Clapton's 1992 MTV Unplugged session with a 1939 000-42 certainly increased awareness and demand for the model. With only about 113 fourteen fret examples made from 1934 until its discontinuation in 1943, demand has risen steadily as Martin guitars continue to be an industry standard. Desirable prewar Martin guitar features include scalloped top bracing, Adirondack Spruce top, and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.

This 000-42 made in 1941 has just come out of obscurity, forgotten and unplayed for decades. The gentleman we received the guitar from described himself as the grandson-in-law of the original owner. The guitar has been expertly repaired and is ready to go back on stage, in the studio or collection.

It's rare for prewar Martin acoustics to retain top stability with the original bridge, bridge plate and bracing such as this one. It exhibits proper top geometry, rigidity and the tone to back it up. Repairs include a neck reset, bridge reglue, two top cracks glued and cleated behind the bridge, one rim crack repaired on the treble/back side, two star stickers removed from finish on headstock. The lines in the finish on the top appear to have been scratched in with a sharp tool. The lines do go through the finish but do not penetrate the wood. The frets appear to be original and show wear. All parts are original to the guitar except the strings and replacement bone saddle. The original tuners, bushings, bridge pins, and end pin are still in use. The original hard case has a large portion of felt missing from where the body rests on the back and is missing the handle. The setup on the guitar is excellent and everyone was floored at the tone. I'm confident that you too will be very pleased with the tone, playability and feel of this one.

Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Pearl inlay, Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Snowflake fretboard markers inlay, Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Headstock, Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

Tuners, neck, Vintage 1941 Martin 000-42 acoustic guitar

John Shults

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