1956 Silvertone 1333 Amplifier

John Shults

Posted on March 09 2020

Vintage 1956 Silvertone Danelectro 1333 Guitar Amplifier

The Silvertone 1300 series amplifiers were the first line of amps built by Danelectro for the Sears catalog. The 1333 was Fender Deluxe sized amplifier with tremolo and footswitch. The amp made about 12 watts of output through a 12" speaker. These amps have that great thick tube drive and distortion that old amps are known for. It's all hand wired and features USA tubes. 

This 1333 has survived in very fine condition and is fully functional. The only replaced parts are two resistors in the tremolo circuit and the power cord. It still retains all the original tubes, leather handle, speaker, etc. It's been lightly cleaned inside and out. The drive of these amps is dark, thick and creamy. The tremolo is deep and anything but subtle. This clean 1956 Silvertone 1333 is fresh out of the original owner's garage. It came to me as a package along with a 1956 Silvertone 1382 (Thin Twin). Light cleaning and a few maintenance items were all that was required to bring it back to proper functioning condition. It's now ready to go in the studio or your collection.

I'm always looking for nice examples of vintage Silvertone and Danelectro guitars and amplifiers. Please contact me here to sell my vintage Silvertone or Danelectro guitar or amplifier: https://truevintageguitar.com/pages/sell-vintage-guitar

back of Vintage 1956 Silvertone Danelectro Guitar Amplifier

Vintage 1956 Silvertone Danelectro Guitar Amplifier

Speaker, original tubes, Chassis, Vintage 1956 Silvertone Danelectro Guitar Amplifier

Vintage RCA tubes, 6v6, 1956 Silvertone Danelectro Guitar Amplifier



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