1960 De Armond R5t with foot switch

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Posted on August 08 2019

1961 DeArmond R5t-017From the June 1960 De Armond catalog, "Born of many years of research and experimentation with "live" musical instrument amplification, De Armond amplifiers can be expected to faithfully project the instrument tones without false compensation." The De Armond amps are few and far between but well worth the time spent hunting them. These amps are known for their quality components, heavy iron and big tweed style tone. They compare favorably with similar Fender amplifiers because of their heavier transformers and better size matched speaker. This 1960 DeArmond R5t is in excellent condition and ready for the studio or stage. All parts are original to the amp except for the three prong power supply and a few caps in the tremolo circuit. This one has great warm breakup at reasonable enough volume. The speaker and cone are original and sound good but there is a small patch near the outside of the cone. We don't think it would benefit from a recone at this point. This amp is strong and ready to go.

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