1946 Gibson LG-2-005 The year was 1946 and Gibson guitar headstocks were now devoid of their "Only a Gibson is good enough" banner. The golden script logo was still in use for the next year or so. The guitars were structurally the exact same as the banner years; some might say even more skillfully built since all the skilled craftsmen had returned from the war. This LG-2 was built very soon after the banner disappeared. Sitka Spruce had been available since 1944 but this top is clearly not Sitka and likely not even Adirondack Spruce. You may notice the two dark lines running vertically in the bookmatched top. These are sap lines that are more visible on the unfinished side. This is a mystery top but I'm inclined to think that it is made of the White Spruce that was indigenous to the Kalamazoo area. The grain lines are a bit wider than the typical Sitka top and a little less straight than an Adirondack top. This top was likely cast aside for aesthetic defects until the stock pile got low enough that they needed it. Whatever the reason, it makes for a very fine top that is light, dynamic and powerful. This LG-2 is in excellent structural condition and will be solid for years to come. The 1 3/4" nut is full but comfortable to play. The original tuners are smooth and the replaced buttons look correct but won't crumble in your hands. The only replaced parts are the bridge pins, tuner buttons, one back brace and the saddle. Repairs include a neck reset, bridge reglue, a few braces reglued, replaced/aged back brace, a few back cracks glued and a pickguard reglue. The pickguard was glued with a glue that made the material shrink in spots - see pictures. There is one crack on the rim near the neck heel and four tight hairline cracks on the back. All cracks have been addressed and will be stable for years to come. The neck reset resulted in a small overhang of the heel so it was cut down a bit to compensate. Click twice on a picture to increase its size. The resulting guitar is a very fine instrument that is just as easily fingerpicked as it is strummed. This is a very light and resonant instrument (3lb 11oz). Click the play buttons on the right to listen to some sound clips of this guitar. Call the number at the top of the page or email to talk to me directly about this LG-2.
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