Gibson Firebird III 1964


This clean 1964 Gibson Firebird III has just come in from the daughter of its original owner and is in spectacular playing condition. It has suffered no breaks, repairs, or modifications ever. All parts are original to this guitar except for a replaced Switchcraft output jack. The neck is straight, the frets are nice, and the electronics operate as intended. The original case, hang tag, and receipt are included. 

Make and Model: Gibson Firebird III

Year: 1964. Serial number 190236. 1,254 shipped this year.

Measurements: 8.3 lbs / 3.75kg weight. The nut measures 1 11/16" | 1.70" | 43.3mm wide. The neck profile measures 0.82" deep at the first fret and 0.97" deep at the 12th fret. The neck pickup reads and the bridge pickup reads 6.39k Ohms and 6.74k Ohms.

Repairs or Mods: None besides the replaced output jack with traditional Switchcraft jack. Firebirds came with a plastic housed jack which doesn't work as well as traditional. It appears to have been replaced long ago. 

Playability:  Excellent!! There is some minor fret wear in frets 1-7, but not near enough to be felt while playing. I've held onto this one for a few weeks before listing it because I enjoyed playing it so much. 

Condition: Very good. It has pick wear on the bass side of the body and various nicks and dings throughout, but has very low miles on it. The condition of the case reflects this as well. 

Included: The original hang tag and receipt are included. 

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