Gibson ES-355 1961 Cherry Red


This Gibson ES-355 TDSV 1961 in original Cherry Red finish has survived in spectacular all original condition. It's a killer player on original frets with factory installed Bigsby tailpiece. 

Make and Model: Gibson ES-355 TDSV (Thinline, Dual pickup, Stereo, Varitone)

Year: 1961. Serial number 20xx, FON inside treble F hole is "R 7427 31" (R = 1960). Check out How to date a Gibson ES-335.

Measurements: 9 lbs 3oz total weight. Nut width = 1 11/16", 0.80", 0.88"

Originality: All parts appear to be original to the guitar and I observed no breaks or repairs. 

Condition: Excellent! The red is deep and unfaded. The finish shows light checking on the body and light evidence of wear. The gold plating shows moderate tarnish. 

Playability: Excellent! I've just completed a full cleaning and set up. I cleaned the potentiometers, switch, and output jack and they operate as intended. I cleaned and lubricated the truss rod nut and it operates as intended. 

Notes: I'm thrilled to offer this crazy clean ES-355! This one has some cool transitional features including an R factory order number, 4 digit serial number, catalin switch tip, and original neck pickup lacking a sticker. It's common enough to find the neck pickup without a sticker in early 1961 (check out this late '60/early 1961 Gibson ES-335). Both pickups have the rich fullness and complexity I look for. The Bigsby is both stable when not in use and smooth when you need it. 

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