Gibson ES-335 TDC 1963 Red Bigsby

Gibson ES-335 TDC 1963 Red Bigsby


I loved this Gibson ES-335 1963 and am actively looking to replace it. You can contact me here if you're interested in how much I would value your Gibson ES-335: Sell a Gibson

This Gibson ES-335 TDC 1963 with factory Bigsby tailpiece has survived in really spectacular condition with no repairs, modifications, or flaws of any kind. It has one PAF sticker pickup in the bridge position and one patent number sticker in the neck position as is typical for this year. Both pickups have undisturbed solder. 

Make and Model: Gibson ES-335 TDC

Year: 1963. Serial number "107xxx", block fretboard markers, studs under Custom Made plaque, wide nut, fat neck, one PAF and one patent number. Check out How to date a Gibson ES-335.

Measurements: Fat neck = 0.84" neck depth at the first fret and 0.98" depth at the 12th fret, 1 11/16" neck width at the nut. Overall weight = 8 lbs 7oz. 

Originality: 100% with no modifications, repairs, cracks, or replaced parts of any kind except the strings. There is a prior set of bridge post holes just in front of the current holes but I believe this to have been corrected at the factory. 

Playability: Excellent. The neck is straight, truss rod works as intended, and the frets do not show any amount of wear that could affect playability. 

Cool Features: The original bridge is a no-wire ABR-1 with convex ground ends to allow it to rock forward and back like that on 1961 and 1962 Les Paul Standards with side pull vibrato. The factory ground wire contacts the Bigsby tailpiece on the top under the treble side mounting screw.

Notes: I'm thrilled to offer this near mint wide neck ES-335 in original Lifton pebble case! It's a fantastic player and scary clean. I love the fatter 1963 and '64 neck profile which feels like a '59 profile. There's a set of stop tail studs factory installed under the "CUSTOM MADE" plaque if you're the adventurous type, but I don't recommend using them. It's a spectacular playing example that is super resonant and has great tuning stability as is.