Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck 1959


This Gibson EDS-1275 1959 "Double Twelve" doubleneck guitar with 6 and 12 string necks has survived in really great condition with no breaks or repairs. Apart from tuners, knobs, and two switch tips, it's completely original throughout with all the important parts intact. Gibson's catalog offered the model in White, Black, and Sunburst but the least commonly ordered finish appears to be Sunburst compared to the few already known examples. The Gibson Shipment Totals book by Larry Meiners lists only 15 examples shipped in 1959. If the totals in the book are correct, then only 46 examples were ever made before the transition to solid body construction in 1962.

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Make and Model: Gibson EDS-1275 Double Twelve (Spruce top, thin hollow body)

Year: 1959. Serial number "9_12xx" with factory order number prefix "T" stamped on the back of the body under the neck pickup (T = batch ordered in 1958).

Measurements: 11 lbs 4 oz total weight. Both necks measure 0.90" deep at the first fret ('58 profile). 

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except period correct tuners with reproduction buttons, period correct amber knob set, and two of the switch tips. The tuners are knobs are real 1950s parts but not the originals that came on this guitar. 

Playability: Excellent! Both necks are straight and have proper working truss rods. The original small frets have wear on the 6 string side but not so much that I would refret it. 

Condition: Played but not abused. There's a 3/4" long section of binding missing from the bass side of the 12 neck. No cracks or repairs. 

Case: I traced and measured this guitar in its entirety to have a custom made hard shell case by Anvil that could protect it in shipping to anywhere in the world. 

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