Fender Stratocaster 1965 Lake Placid Blue A Neck


This 1965 Fender Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish is 100% factory original except for a meticulous factory style refret. The custom color LPB is nicely ambered to a turquoise hue which looks fantastic against the bright white pickguard. But the custom color isn't the only rare feature here: it also has an uncommon "A" neck width measuring about 1.53" wide at the nut. It's a spectacular player which feels, looks, and plays exactly like original frets (before they get worn out!).

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Make and Model: Fender Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue Metallic with A neck

Year: 1965. Serial number "107830". Neck heel stamp "2JUN65A" (2 = Stratocaster model, JUN = June, 65 = 1965, and A = skinny neck width. 

Measurements: 7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg total weight. The neck measures 1.53" / 39.1mm wide at the nut, 0.83" deep at the first fret, and 0.98" deep at the 12th fret. Pickup readings: 5.77k ohms, 5.78k ohms, and 6.17k ohms (neck, middle, bridge).

Originality: 100% except a Forgery Grade Refret (The new frets match exactly the original width, height, crown, and fret end shape. No fretboard plane required. The work looks and feels like factory original frets). 

Playability: 100% exactly as the factory intended it! It's a true joy to play. If you like original/unworn frets then this will be everything you hope for.

Needs?: Nothing.

Included: A proper late '65 era case is include (vintage case but not the one that came with this guitar) 

Fine Print: All guitars ship via FedEx Priority Overnight for domestic sales or FedEx Priority International. I offer a 48 hour approval period beginning on delivery for all sales during which you are welcome to opt for a return. I do not charge a restocking fee, but any non-refunded payment processing fees, outbound shipping, and return shipping costs are subtracted from the refund in the case of a return.


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