Fender Stratocaster 1954 1135


This November 1954 Fender Stratocaster with original Sunburst finish over Ash body has just come from the son of its original owner! It has survived in really nice condition and is ready to play. '54 Strat 1135 has the perfect mixture of top notch playability and just enough wear and vibe. It has been tucked away inside its original case for too long and is ready to be played. 

Make and Model: Fender Stratocaster

Year: 1954. Serial number 1135, potentiometer code "304435" (304 = Stackpole, 4 = 1954, 35 = 35th week). Neck heel pencil signature "TG - 11 - 54" (Tadeo Gomez, November 1954).

Measurements: 9 lbs even / 4.05 kg total weight. The neck profile measures 0.93" / 23.6mm deep at the first fret and 1.01" / 25.7mm at the 12th fret. Pickup resistance measurements are neck = 6.15k ohms, middle 6.05k ohms, and 5.90k ohms. 

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except the frets, tremolo arm tip, and switch tip. The bridge pickup was dead when I acquired the guitar. Tom Brantley rewound the original pickup to exact original specification without disturbing any solder in the wiring harness except for the two eyelets on the bobbin. Jason Burns refretted the neck and removed the shellac previously applied to the fretboard by its original owner. 

Playability: Excellent! 1135 is a joy to play after the refret. The neck is dead straight and the truss rod works as intended. The original pots, switch, and jack operate as intended. 

Included: Its original center pocket tweed case and black leather strap are included. I'm also including the crude switch tip and trem arm tips installed by the original owner after the originals broke. They are ugly and cool!

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