Fender Rosewood Telecaster 1971


This Fender Rosewood Telecaster from 1971 has survived in really clean condition despite being routed for a humbucking pickup at some point in its lifetime. The Rosewood Tele completely original throughout except for the pickguard, neck pickup, and route. The initial run of Fender Rosewood Telecasters designed by Roger Rossmeisl was solid Rosewood with a Maple laminate center, but the later guitars like this one are a much more comfortable to hold chambered body. This one weighs in at 8lbs 12oz. 

Make and Model: Fender Rosewood Telecaster

Year: 1971. Serial number 317xxx, neck stamp "3 09 030" where 3 = Telecaster, 09 = Rosewood neck, and 030 is the 30th week of 1970. The potentiometer codes indiate they were made during the 34th week of 1966 which is correct for a late 1960s or early 1970s Fender. For more help on Fender guitar dating, check out How to date a Fender guitar.

Measurements: 8lbs 12oz total weight. Neck depth at the first fret = 0.84", depth at the 12th = 

Originality: All parts appear to be original to the guitar except the pickguard and neck pickup. All solder is undisturbed except the joints on the neck pickup bobbin (original leads still in place). The neck pickup appears to be a vintage Fender pickup but I was not able to date it. 

 Playability: Excellent! This Rosewood Telecaster plays very nicely with straight neck and perfect working electronics. There is some fret wear on the first 5 frets but I didn't find it to be so much that it made it difficult to play. The truss rod is in good working condition. 

 Notes: I'm thrilled to have finally found a clean Fender Rosewood Telecaster 1971! We don't have production figures for the Rosewood Telecasters. All we know is that a limited amount were made between December 1968 and 1972. I don't love that someone routed the guitar for a humbucker in the neck position, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to install one! I've decided not to fill the route so that it's still an option for a future owner. Hey, George's own Fender Rosewood Telecaster was routed too I suppose. I'm confident you'll love this clean Fender Rosewood Telecaster 1971. 


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