Fender Jazzmaster '64 Sunburst

Fender Jazzmaster '64 Sunburst


This clean 1960s Jazzmaster has sold but is an excellent example of the guitars I am looking for. I am especially looking to buy Jazzmaster guitars with custom color finishes. You can contact me here to sell a Fender

This very clean '64 Fender Jazzmaster in original Sunburst finish is the last of the guitar collection I purchased in Greeley, CO. They came from a man who owned a music store in the 1970s and was known for trading new guitars for old guitars. He was an avid Fender guitar collector and he and I had similar taste for clean and original examples. This '64 Jazzmaster is an excellent example with hang tag, strap, cleaning cloth, and original hard shell case. 

Make and Model: Fender Jazzmaster

Year: 1964. Neck heel ink stamp "4 APR 64 B" where 4 = Jazzmaster model, APR = April, 64 = 1964, and B = standard nut width 1 5/8". The volume potentiometer code reads 137 6419 where 137 = CTS, 64 = 1964, and 19 = 19th week of the year. The serial number is L39142. For more information check out How to date a Fender Jazzmaster

Measurements: 8.2 lbs / 3.7 kg overall weight. The neck profile measures 0.83" deep at the first fret and 0.98" at the 12th fret. The neck pickup measures 8.4k ohms and the bridge pickup measures 8.9k ohms. 

Originality: All parts and finish are original to the guitar except the tremolo arm, collet, and the first fret. One tab of the original collect was broken so I installed a new collet and matching tremolo arm. The first fret was replaced long ago. 

Playability: Excellent! This is a spectacular playing example with perfect set up with 10-46 strings. The original neck shims are included with the guitar but I'm currently using a .5 degree full neck pocket shim for perfect neck pitch. The neck is straight and the frets play as intended. 

Condition: Very good with attractive wear from years of playing including finish checking, bumps, dings, and an area of wear on the back of the bass side upper bout. I believe that the guitar was played a lot during its first decade of life but not much since then. 

Notes: When I first picked up this guitar, I noticed that the neck plate was upside down on the back. I thought that I would flip it to the correct side when I installed the new neck shim, but I found that the pattern of finish on the back of the plate matched the upside down installation. I left it as is.