Fender Duo Sonic 1961


Make and Model: Fender Duo Sonic

Year: Late 1961/early 1962. Neck heel pencil date: 12/61, potentiometer code: 134 6143 (134 = Centralab, 61 = 1961, 43 = 43rd week.

Originality: 100% original except the strings. All original finish and parts with no repairs. 

Playability: Excellent! This Duo Sonic plays exactly as the factory intended. I've just completed a full cleaning and set up with 10-46 strings. 

Included: Original case, bridge cover, cleaning cloth, hang tag, and strap. 

Notes: This pre-CBS Duo Sonic has all the best features including a slab Brazilian fretboard, clay dots, original red sunburst finish, and two black bobbin single coil pickups with original windings. The last soldering iron to touch this guitar was wielded by the Fender employee who made it in late 1961. It's in excellent playing condition and is a joy to play. 


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