1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst

Vintage 1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst electric guitar


Gibson's Les Paul model became the Les Paul Deluxe in 1970 amidst a transition from P-90 pickups to mini humbucking pickups. Later that year, the Cherry Sunburst finish was again offered on the model along with the existing Goldtop finish. A total of 4,529 Cherry Sunburst finish Les Paul Deluxes shipped in 1973 but most of the ones I see bear the bright red finish. Far fewer were made with the slightly darker, more deep cherry red color although the shipment ledgers do not list another option other than "Cherry Red". The Les Paul Deluxe was a very popular selling guitar in the 1970s and most of the were modified to Grover tuners, played heavily, and subjected to breaks and repairs. This guitar wasn't subjected to that fate. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Year: Made in 1972 but likely shipped in early 1973. Serial number 778xxx. Potentiometer codes indicating the 51st week of 1972 (electronics were installed as one of the last steps of the manufacturing process). 

Specifications: Total weight  = 9 lbs 13 oz, nut width = 1 11/16", neck depth at the first fret = .77", 12th fret = .98".

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except the strings and the pickup selector switch tip. I sourced a vintage correct switch off another Gibson from 1973. 

Condition: Excellent! The original Sunburst finish is unfaded. There is a scratch on the bass side of the top near the edge. 

Playability: Excellent! The neck is perfectly straight and the frets still have their full height. I've set it up with a fresh set of .010"s and it plays like a dream. 

Notes: It seems like almost every one of these early 1970s Les Paul Deluxes I find have Grover tuners and a lack luster refret. Time has spared this one! It has just come in from the brother in law of the original owner. He received it as a gift over 25 years ago and never learned to play. He figured it was finally time to sell. I was thrilled to find cool early features like the small volute, black Sprague capacitors, and patent sticker mini humbucking pickups. I'm confident you'll love this clean early 1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe!