1967 Fender Telecaster Blond Bigsby


Make and Model: Fender Telecaster, Maple cap fretboard, Blond finish, factory Bigsby

Year: 1967. Serial number "206xxx", neck heel date stamp "3 OCT 67 B" where 3 = Telecaster, OCT = October, 67 = 1967, and B = standard neck width (1 5/8"). Tone potentiometer code "304 6631" where 304 = Stackpole, 66 = 1966, 31 = 31st week. Check out How to date Fender guitars

Measurements: 8lbs 14oz total weight

 Originality: Replaced bridge pickup (Seymore Duncan Antiquity II), replaced bridge saddles and intonation screws on original bridge base, and vintage correct tuners and bushings but not original to the guitar. My luthier bushed the tuner holes and filled the exposed screw hole from the Schallers that were on the guitar when it came in. All other parts and finish are original to the guitar. 

Playability: Excellent! This Tele has a straight neck, proper working truss rod, nicely playable frets with typical wear, and perfect working electronics. The set up is excellent and it stays in tune nicely even with the Bigsby. It's a blast to play. 

Notes: This mid 60s Bigsby Tele is a fabulous example of early CBS era craftsmanship. The original case is worn and does have a bit of mustiness inside, but the seller I got the guitar from said it hadn't been opened much since the 1980s, if at all. I'm betting it will subside a bit once it's left open for a while. The guitar itself is a joy to play and the set up is excellent. I'm confident you'll love this killer '67 Fender Telecaster!

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