1966 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp


Fender's Princeton Reverb guitar amp debuted in 1964 as the smallest of the new line of combo amplifiers featuring built in reverb. At about 12 watts and a 10" speaker, it's the perfect size to be comfortable in a small club, studio, or home. It's all tube, all hand wired, and features a solid fingerjointed Pine cabinet.

Make and Model: Fender Princeton Reverb-Amp

Year: 1966. Tube chart code "PC" where P = 1966 and C = March (see How To Date A Vintage Fender Guitar Amp). Output transformer code 606-5-47 (Schumacher, 1965, 47th week).

Originality: Many of the capacitors on the board were updated in the last 20 years with high quality components from Nichicon and Xicon. The transformers, reverb tank, potentiometers, Tolex, faceplate, grill cloth, and others are original to the amp. One power tube is a mid 60s JAN RCA 6v6 and one preamp tube is a recent tube. The rest of the tubes appear to be original to the amp. My technician installed a grounded power cord. 

Performance: Excellent! Just as it was when new. The technician inspected all solder and contacts. He tested values throughout and viewed the output on an oscilloscope. It's a fine amplifier with strong reverb and tremolo.

Notes:  This super clean mid 1960s Fender Princeton Reverb has been fully inspected and is ready to go back to work on the stage or in the studio. I'm confident you'll love it!

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