1965 Fender Princeton Amp

1965 Fender Princeton Amp


This vintage 1965 Fender Princeton Amp with original foot switch has just come in locally from its original owner! It has been fully inspected, cleaned, serviced, and is ready to make music again. 

Make and Model: Fender Princeton-Amp

Year: 1965. Output transformer code 606-4-38 (Schumacher, 1964, 38th week), speaker code 465-502 (Oxford, 1965, 2nd week). How To Date A Vintage Fender Guitar Amp

Originality: All parts original except for one resistor and a grounded power cord!

Playability: Excellent! This one operates exactly as intended and is a fine sounding example. 

Notes: I'm always amazed to find pre-CBS Fender guitar amps in well preserved condition from their original owners. This one was neglected for the past few decades but is now back to making music. I'm confident you'll love this 1965 Fender Princeton Amp!