1965 Epiphone Wilshire Red Fox


"Wilshire - A truly sensational solid body guitar with features that win it top rating from professionals who appreciate its tonal range, instant response, and easy action for professional performance. A thin, solid body guitar with double cutaway, double pickup, and features that add up to outstanding value..." -- 1961 Epiphone catalog. This description is still so true! It still has "features that add up to outstanding value". The Wilshire has no Gibson model equivalent and is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated models to come out of Gibson's Kalamazoo factory. 

Make and Model: Epiphone Wilshire Red Fox made in Kalamazoo, MI

Year: 1965. Serial 273xxx, original electronics made in 1965. 

Specifications: One piece Honduran Mahogany body, Mahogany neck, set neck joint, original Red Fox finish, 24 3/4" scale length, the nut width measures just a bit over 1 9/16" at 1 37/64s (40.1mm) .78"neck depth at the first fret, .97" depth at the 12th fret. 6lbs 2oz. 

Originality: All parts original except the strings!

Condition: Very good with no breaks or repairs. Cosmetically, the finish shows light checking throughout and some dings/dents/scratches. The pickguard has yellowed a bit. The nickel hardware has light and attractive tarnish. The original nut appears to have been reseated in its slot. 

Playability: Excellent! It’s a dream to play. The neck is straight and the frets are full height without excessive player wear. The neck set is good and the truss rod is fully adjustable. 

Notes: Finally another Wilshire in the shop! These have become more difficult to found now that the secret is starting to get out about this killer playing and totally unique model. This one shows only enough age to prove it's a Kalamazoo original. I've dialed in the set up with my luthier and it's so killer. The original grey and blue chipboard case has survived but is tattered. I'm confident you'll love this killer vintage 1965 Epiphone Wilshire!

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