1964 Fender Vibroverb Amp


Fender's Vibroverb Amp version two debuted in 1964 with the updated black faceplate and Tolex cosmetic style and a 1x15" speaker configuration. The model lasted only about a year until the CBS buyout of the Fender company.

Make and Model: Fender Vibroverb~Amp

Year: 1964. Chassis assembly date stamp "TA4264" (42nd week of 1964), tube chart ink stamp "NJ" (1964, October). How To Date Vintage Fender Guitar Amp.

Originality: Warranty replacement Jensen Concert 15" speaker in 1966. Recent service included new filter capacitors, a few capacitors in the vibrato circuit, bias resistor, and grounded power chord. All transformers are original to the amp with correct date codes. Velcro has been added to the side wall to mount the original footswitch.

Performance: Excellent! This Vibroverb is now back into great playing condition and is an excellent example of the rare model. 

Cosmetic: This amp shows its age in the form of a tear in the grill cloth, and melted spot on top of the amp in the Tolex, and some worn corners. 

Notes: This vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb was one of two back line amplifiers for a theater in Arizona back in the 1960s. It was neglected for decades until being found underneath the stage just before the building was torn down. It's now in excellent playing condition and ready to go back to the stage, studio, or collection. 

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