1963 Gibson Hummingbird


Gibson's Hummingbird acoustic guitar was not the first square shoulder jumbo to be made in Kalamazoo factory, but it was the first to bear its logo. The Epiphone FT-110 Frontier featured laminate Maple back and sides and was Gibson's first square shoulder acoustic beginning in 1959. The Hummingbird debuted a year later in 1960 and has enjoyed a near continuous production run in various forms since then. 

Make and Model: Gibson Hummingbird

Year: 1963, serial 143xxx, wide neck, single line Kluson tuners

Specifications: Total weight  = 5 lbs with pickup installed, nut width = 1 11/16" (wide nut), neck depth at the first fret = .81. Action at the 12th fret: 6/64s" bass side, 5/64" treble side. Scale length = exactly 25 3/8".

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except for a vintage 1960s Gibson made Rosewood ADJ bridge and the mid 1960s DeArmond soundhole pickup. Original bridge included. There is an output jack installed on the rim for the pickup. 

Condition: Very good and ready to play. There is a glued top crack on the lower treble bout. The finish shows plenty of check and some buckle worming on the back. 

Playability: Excellent. We've just dressed the frets and performed a full set up. It's a very fine playing guitar and an excellent example of 60s Hummingbird tone. 

Notes: There are few guitars more iconic and aesthetically pleasing than Gibson's Hummingbird model. It is the complete package of fine complimentary acoustic guitar tone and looks that stop viewers in their tracks. I'm confident you'll be pleased with the tone and playability of this iconic guitar from a golden era. 

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