1963 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst


This pre-CBS 1963 Fender Jazzmaster in original Sunburst finish has survived in great condition and is ready to play! It's completely original except for a set of period correct volume and tone knobs. I've dialed in every aspect of the set up and it's a fabulous player. 

Make and Model: Fender Jazzmaster

Year: 1963. Neck heel ink stamp "4JUL63B" (4 = Jazzmaster model, JUL = July, 63 = 1963, B = standard nut width 1 5/8"). Bridge pickup body cavity pencil date "8/63", volume potentiometer code "304 6237" (304 = Stackpole, 62 = 1962, 37 = 37th week). Check out How to date a Fender Jazzmaster

Measurements: Total weight = 7lbs 13oz. Neck depth at the first fret = .80, depth at the 12th = .98".  

Originality: All parts original to the guitar except the volume and tone knobs (period correct). I've installed replacement pickup height foam and neck shim for a properly playable set up, but kept the original foams and shim in the case. 

Condition: Very good! There's a large belt buckle rash area on the back of the guitar. The frets are in good condition, the truss rod adjusts as intended, and the electronics have been cleaned and function properly. The original pickguard shows typical shrinkage but doesn't inhibit the set up or playability.

Notes: This killer '63 Jazzmaster has been stored away for the past few decades. Its previous owner was a collector in the 1980s and has just recently passed. It's a fantastic example and is ready for the stage, studio, or collection!

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