1963 Fender Champ


Another tweed Champ just in at True Vintage Guitar! From the 1962 Fender catalog, “The Champ Amp is constructed of the finest cabinet design. Circuit provides extremely pleasing reproduction. Speaker is a fine quality permanent magnet type. The Champ Amp has two instrument inputs, volume control, jeweled pilot light, and extractor type fuse holder. The amp covering is striped airplane luggage linen which is both durable and washable.”

This January 1963 Fender Champ-Amp, only 57 serial numbers before the one we sold last month, has just surfaced in completely original and  unserviced condition. We were thrilled to find such a clean and unmolested example of the 5F1 Champ so late in its production run. All date codes show mid to late 1962. All parts appear to be original to the amp including the filter capacitors which exhibit signs of fatigue and eminent failure. The amplifier played nicely throughout our 5 minute test but we recommend at least new filter capacitors, a three prong power cord for safety, and an inspection from an amp technician prior to plugging it in.

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