1962 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst


This vintage 1962 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar in original Sunburst finish was stored away in a damp basement and forgotten about for decades - until now. I was amazed to find that apart from aesthetic damage, all the important parts and playability are nicely original and in great working condition. I thoroughly disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, reassembled, and set it up for optimum playability. It's one of the best Jazzmasters I've ever played. 

Make and Model: Fender Jazzmaster

Year: 1962. Serial 84xxx, bridge pickup cavity pencil date stamp 7/62, neck stamp "4JUN62B" (4 = Jazzmaster model, JUN = June, 62 = 1962, B = standard neck width 1 5/8")

Specifications: Weight = 8lbs 2oz, nut width = 1 5/8", neck depth at the first fret = .84", 12th fret = .98". Beautiful slab Rosewood fretboard. 

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except for the rhythm/lead switch, pickup height foam, two saddle height adjustment screws, neck shim, and strings. There is some light overspray on the back of the neck and on the lower back of the body on the treble side. The case is period correct but not original to this guitar. 

Condition: Good! The original finish shows lots of flaking but is stable and no longer flaking. The two wood joints on the body show some separation but are stable. We glued and clamped just to make sure but didn't notice a difference. 

Playability: Excellent! This is a phenomenal player with straight neck, good frets, and properly working truss rod. I've set it up perfectly with proper string break angle, neck relief, and pickup height. You'll love the way this one plays. 

Notes: When I bought this guitar, I expected that both coils would be dead and that the metal parts would be seized. I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH original coils were great and that all the important screws including truss rod nut and bridge screws were free and clear. I don't think the guitar was played very much before it went into the basement since the frets don't show much wear. I'm confident you'll love playing this one as much as I have. 

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