1960 Fender Esquire Blond


This 1960 Fender Esquire in original Blond finish came in from the son of its original owner last year but I was having too much fun playing it to list it until now. It's completely original throughout with no modifications or repairs. It has some light fret wear in frets 2 through 6 but is still a fantastic playing example. 

Make and Model: Fender Esquire

Year: 1960. Serial number 54697, neck heel pencil date "9/60", potentiometer code "137 6036" (137 = CTS, 60 = 1960, 36 = 36th week).

Measurements: 6.6 lbs / 3.0 kg overall weight. The neck measures 1 21/32" / 1.64" / 41.8 mm wide at the nut. The profile of the neck measures 0.78" deep at the first fret and 0.98" deep at the 12th fret. The pickup reads 6.32k ohms resistance.

Condition: Very good! There is typical dings, scratches, finish checking, and fading of the finish but no cracks or repairs. In my opinion, it has just enough natural looking wear but not too much. 

Originality: All parts and finish appear to be original to this guitar. There is no sign of modifications or disturbed solder. 

Playability: Excellent! This is a fantastic playing Esquire with straight neck, proper functioning truss rod, and proper working electronics. The wear in frets 2-6 isn't enough to affect playability in my opinion. It's a blast to play and very light weight as well. 

Also included: Original bridge cover and a new hard shell case. 

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