1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Red with Stinger


Gibson's Les Paul Junior model was a student level solid body electric guitar debuting in 1954. Introduced initially with a single cutaway body style, the model was updated in 1958 with a double cutaway body. It retained this thick slab double cut body style until transitioning to what we would consider the thinner SG body style in 1961. Gibson often manufactured guitars with the back of the headstock painted black tapering to a point that collectors often refer to as a "stinger". It was likely done to cover a flaw in the wood revealed after the wood was milled.

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Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Junior

Year: 1959. Ink stamped serial starting with "9", potentiometer codes indicating the 14th week of 1958.

Specifications: 7lbs 2oz total weight. Neck width at the nut = 1 11/16", neck depth at first fret = .92", depth at 12th fret = .99". P-90 pickup resistance = 8.40k Ohms.

Condition: Excellent! no breaks or repairs, unfaded Cherry Red finish, no finish checking. There is one small ding on the top, one scratch on the side of the body, and smudged area on the back of the body. The smudge likely came from the body sitting on the strap for so long. It's shallow and could be buffed out but I've opted not to buff this guitar. 

Repairs: None.

Playability: Perfect, like new. No fret wear, perfectly straight neck measuring 0.00" relief on top of the frets. The truss rod nut has never been turned.

Notes: Just in from the grandson of the original owner! This amazingly well preserved '59 Les Paul Jr has survived in amazing condition with its original leather strap inside its original alligator chipboard case. It features a very uncommon stinger on the back of the headstock. I've seen only one other double cut Junior with the stinger. I'm confident you'll love this clean 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior!

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