1959 Fender Champ Amp 5F1 Circuit

1959 Fender Champ Amp 5F1 Circuit


This vintage 1959 Fender Champ with 5F1 circuit has an interesting story to tell. It came to me dirty, completely unserviced with torn speaker cone, and generally neglected for decades. The seller said he inherited it from his grandfather. The cabinet appears to have been made in 1963 or 1964 with the transitional aesthetic including the black Tolex covering instead of tweed, grey grill cloth, and black metal logo plate.

Make and Model: Fender Champ Amp, 5F1 circuit, 8" speaker

Year: All date codes on the chassis indicate 1959. Output transformer code: 606947 (Schumacher, 1959, 47), power transformer code: 606949 (Schumacher, 1959, 49th week), chassis serial C13057 which is within the typical range for 1959 or 1960. The tube chart is torn with no date stamp visible. Speaker date code is smudged but likely 1963. How To Date A Vintage Fender Guitar Amp

Originality: Updated filter capacitors, one resistor, and grounded power cord installed. I had the 8" CTS speaker reconed at Weber speakers. The cabinet is an original 1964 cabinet and has been with the amp for decades but is not from 1959.

Condition: Good! There is some smudged paint on the chassis and some light pitting and corrosion. 

Playability: Excellent. It has been serviced and inspected and is a fine sounding example. It can do rich cleans and thick overdrive all at home and apartment friendly volume levels. I'm confident you'll love this tweed era Champ!