1958 Kay Sizzler

1958 Kay Sizzler


This vintage 1958 Kay Sizzler with neck through construction has survived in amazing condition! It's a beautifully playing example with good frets, straight neck, and low action across the fretboard. 

Make and Model: Kay Sizzler

Year: 1958

Specifications: Neck through construction, 5 lbs 6oz, .96" neck depth at the first fret. 

Condition: Excellent! It's survived in really nice condition throughout. 

Playability: Excellent! It has a straight neck, good frets, and low action across the fretboard. 

Notes: These Kay Sizzlers are such great guitars with neck through construction and a fantastic pickup, but they often suffer from playability issues. This is an excellent playing example that plays and sounds like a dream. I'm confident you'll love it!