1957 Gibson GA-20


Make and Model: Gibson GA-20

Year: 1957. Speaker code: 220717 (Jensen, 1957, 17th week)

Specifications: Approximately 12-14 watts output, two 6V6 power tubes in push/pull configuration, two 12ax7 preamp tubes, one 5Y3 rectifier tube

Originality: All parts appear to be original except for replaced filter capacitors and replaced power cord with grounded cord. It’s also possible that the grill cloth is an old replacement but I’m unable to say for sure.

Condition: Good! The exterior covering is dirty and worn but the interior is very nice and original. The control panel exhibits typical spots of corrosion. The raised gold Gibson logo has some cracks.

Playability: Very good! It has just been serviced with the grounded cord and the filter capacitors. It’s a really strong and great sounding amplifier in good function condition.

Notes: Just in! The Gibson GA-20 amp is one of my personal favorite amplifiers and it’s amazing that it’s still sort of under-the-radar. I’m always surprised when I compare them to a 5E3 Fender Deluxe because they’re both great sounding amplifiers but the GA-20 costs less than half of the Deluxe. I’m confident you’ll love this 1957 Gibson GA-20 firebreather!

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