1957 Fender Bandmaster Amp


This vintage 1957 Fender Bandmaster guitar amp with tweed covering has just come from the son of the original owner. It's been played but has retained its original transformers and tweed! It's now is excellent playing condition and sounds like a dream. 

Make and Model: Fender Bandmaster 5E7 circuit

Year: 1957. Tube chart code "GC" (G = 1957, C = March). Check out How To Date A Vintage Fender Guitar Amp.

Originality: All parts original except replacement speakers (Jensen P10R), speaker wiring, filter capacitors and some coupling capacitors, fuse holder, leather handle and brackets. The original output transformer was rewound by Mercury Magnetics. Metal corners on the cabinet installed by former owner. The power transformer is missing two bolts but is original and in perfect working condition. We installed a replacement Switchcraft external cabinet jack. The tubes are a mixture of USA made tubes. 

Playability: Excellent! This is a fine sounding example with classic tweed Fender tone intact. It has just been serviced and operates as intended. I opted to leave the gray two prong power cord but can have a grounded cord installed at buyer's request.

Notes: Roger received this amp as a hand-me-down from his dad when he went off to college in the 1970s. He played it until it needed service; but he didn't have access to a repair technician. He removed the speakers and intended to get it back into good working condition until life got in the way. It sat in storage since the 1970s until a few months ago. It's now in excellent working condition and ready to make music again. I'm confident you'll love this vintage 1957 Fender Bandmaster amp!

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