1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior


This vintage 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior has just come in from its original owner! It's a spectacular playing example with all original parts except for newly installed long bridge post bushings and tuner buttons. It comes in a brand new LP Junior hardshell case from TKL. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Junior

Year: 1955. Serial number "511xxx". Check out How to date a Gibson Les Paul.

Measurements: 6lbs 11oz total weight. Neck thickness at first fret: .90, 12th fret = 1.00"

Originality: All parts original except for bridge post bushings and tuner buttons! Wrap tail Les Pauls received too short bridge post bushings until they were updated to long bushings in 1957. This guitar's bridge posts were leaning badly so were extracted the 1/2" bushings and installed vintage correct '57 era reproduction bushings from Historic Makeovers. Now the posts are solid as they come with no post lean. Tuner buttons from Antique Acoustics on original no line Kluson machines. 

Condition: Very good! It's got plenty of scratching and patina on its original finish but no breaks or repairs. There is some touch up in the bridge post area as a result of the leaning posts. 

Playability: Excellent! This is one of my favorite Juniors I've ever played. You can feel the resonance through the body when you pluck a string. The neck is straight and the original frets are great. 

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