1953 Gibson Les Paul Model

1953 Gibson Les Paul Model


This 1953 Gibson Les Paul goldtop is sold but is a nice example of the guitars I'm looking for.

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This 1953 Gibson Les Paul Model Goldtop has just come in from the granddaughter-in-law of its original owner. It has the late '53 style proper neck pitch for low action. The story is that her husband's grandfather purchased it along with a GA-40 Les Paul amplifier for his church band, but he didn't actually play guitar. The church clearly didn't play it much either since it's mint with no checking. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Model

Year: 1953. Serial prefix "3_2xxx". Check out How to date a Gibson Les Paul

Measurements: 8lbs 5oz total weight, neck depth at the first fret = .93", depth at the 12th fret = 1.02". Action at the 12th fret = 4.5/64" bass side and 4/64" treble side. 

Condition: Near mint with no caveats and no checking. The original case has some staining on the interior lid. 

Originality: All parts original to the guitar except the switch ring and bridge post bushings. The switch ring is a real 1953 part. I had long bridge posts bushings installed to replace the very short 1/2" bushings (included) that were leaning. All finish is original with no overspray.

Playability: Excellent! This Goldtop has excellent neck pitch and bridge height, straight neck, and unplayed original frets.