1951 Gibson CF-100


This vintage 1951 Gibson CF-100 with rare firestripe pickguard came in from the two sons of its original owner. It's survived in amazing condition inside its original hard shell case. It has just returned from a no expense spared maintenance repair and is in professionally playable condition. This guitar is what all Gibson flat-tops hope to sound like: alive.

Make and Model: Gibson CF-100

Year: 1950 or 1951. FON 5746-25 with all pre-1952 features including fire stripe pickguard, slot saddle, scalloped bracing, solid rims with silk fabric supports, tapered headstock, 19 fret board. 

Maintenance repair: Loose top and back braces reglued with hot hide glue with an eye to preserve its original dome shape, pickguard reglue, neck reset with hot hide glue, hand made bone saddle. 

Playability: 100% professionally playable all across the fretboard. The neck is straight with no hump at the neck joint. The action is low across the neck and it comes with a second lower slot saddle in case a player prefers even lower action. The original frets are in spectacular full height with factory crown condition.

Condition: Spectacular. Apart from typical bumps and scrapes as well as a hole in the rim from a prior output jack, it's in fantastic aesthetic condition. It was well preserved inside the original hardshell case. 

Cracks: None.

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