1951 Epiphone FT110


“The F.T. 110: Truly the Artist’s Choice! A jumbo size guitar, for the finest work. Body size 19 3/4″ long, 15 7/8″ wide. Made of the choicest woods. Body, back, and sides employ select Curly Maple with choice Cherry Hardwood neck. The choicest of even grained Spruce is employed in the top. Top edge bound with alternate white, black, white Pyraline. Neck bound with white. Plastic tortoise shell pickguard. Equipped with individual metal button machine heads. Features Epiphone’s new design “tone back.” — 1949 Epiphone catalog

Make and Model: Epiphone FT110

Year: 1951. Serial 614xx.

Specifications: 25 1/2″ scale length, 1 11/16″ nut width (1 45/64″ actual), .92″ neck depth at the first fret, 5lbs 5oz, Spruce top, Maple back and sides.

Originality: All parts appear to be original except for the bridge pins, saddle, and nut.

Condition: Excellent. This is a very fine example of the model. The finish is nice but exhibits various nicks and scratches throughout. The pickguard appears to have been poorly relgued at some point during its life. The frets show light playing wear. It’s possible that the top of the bridge was filed down a bit but the bridge is still much taller than most acoustic guitars.

Playability: Good. The guitar has a proper neck angle, saddle height, and neck relief. The action at the 12th fret is 3/32″ on the bass side and 2/32″ on the treble side.

Notes: This clean ’51 FT110 is a fine looking and excellent sounding example of the model. It’s tough to find any pre-Gibson Epiphone flat-top so it’s really nice to find one in good condition. It’s a surprisingly loud guitar likely owing to the arched back. I’m confident you’ll love this clean, rare 1951 Epiphone FT110 with original case!

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