1943 Martin 00-18 guitar with case


This vintage 1943 Martin 00-18 acoustic guitar has survived in amazing condition and has just come in from the family of the original owner. It's crack free and comes with the original chipboard case and a scan of the original receipt. 

Make and Model: CF Martin & Co 00-18

Year: 1943. Scalloped bracing, Adirondack top, original receipt from 1944. 

Specifications: Adirondack Spruce top, inlaid Ebony strip for neck reinforcement, thin cog wartime tuners with no bushings. 3 lbs even. 24 7/8" scale length, 1 11/16" nut width, .85" neck depth at the first fret. Inlaid Ebony neck reinforcement with .010" neck relief at full string tension. Action is 3/32" bass side and 2/32" treble side measured at the 12th fret. 

Condition: Excellent! This is an amazingly well preserved crack free example with original finish throughout. There are various light scratches and dings.

Notes: It's amazing to think that this guitar has been in a local closet since the 1940s just waiting to be rediscovered. The top is delightfully lively and resonant and responds nicely to fingerstyle playing. I was stunned to find a perfect bridge plate and bracing inside. I'm confident you'll love this super well preserved war time 00-18 Martin in its original case. 

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