1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Special


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“Gibson Special – Nick Lucas Model: The wizardry of  Nick Lucas and his guitar is known to all music lovers… Here is an instrument with big, harp-like tone, responsive to the lightest touch, balanced in every register… It is indeed by an artist, for an artist….. Style Nick Lucas – $125″

“The result was not only the first artist-endorsed model for Gibson, it was in some minds the best acoustic guitars ever made.” Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars, Whitford, Vinopal, and Erlewine, pg 36

 Make and Model: Gibson Nick Lucas Special

Year of Manufacture: 1928 – FON = 8989, serial 82xxx (Spann’s Guide To Gibson)

Specifications: 13 5/8″ wide, 4 5/8″ deep, 24 1/4″ scale, 1 7/8 nut width, A braced, weight = 3lbs 2oz

Condition: Very good with typical nicks, scratches, and wear. The guitar appears to have been played professionally long ago but forgotten about for decades since then. We were thrilled to acquire it in unplayable but unrepaired and unolested condition. We’ve performed all necessary repairs including a neck reset, replacement exact style bridge and bridge plate, reglued braces, one brace replaced with old stock brace, and two crack repairs. Professional players will find this guitar a joy to play with inspiring tone.

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar except for the bridge, saddle, bridge plate, one brace, two of the seven bridge pins. We were thrilled to be able to keep the original nut, oak leaf Waverly tuners, frets, etc.

Notes: It’s always a treat to play a real deep body 1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Special and this one clearly lives up to the hype. It’s been forgotten and uncirculated for decades but now comes to you ready to play, collect, or record. We’re confident you’ll love this rare 1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Special!

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