1964 Gibson ES-335 TD Sunburst


This great 1964 Gibson ES-335 with factory stop bar tailpiece has just come in from its original owner from the Las Vegas area! Its previous owner once experimented with a Bigsby B3 tailpiece but has since reinstalled the original stop tail. It's a fantastic player with just enough wear from being lovingly owned and played its entire life. 

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Make and Model: Gibson ES-335 TD

Year: 1964. Gibson's shipment ledger states that serial number "174611" is an ES-335 TD model that shipped from Kalamazoo on November 11, 1964. I observed the potentiometer code "134 6241" (134 = Centralab, 62 = 1962, and 41 = 41st week of the year).

Measurements: 7.6 lbs / 3.45 kg overall weight. The neck width measures 1.67" / 42.5 mm wide and the profile measures 0.82" deep at the first fret and 0.98" deep at the 12th fret. The neck pickup reads 8.06k ohms and the bridge reads 8.23k ohms.

Originality: All finish, solder, and parts appear to be original to this guitar except for the metal saddles (likely 70s) in place of the original nylon. The case is a 70s Gibson 335 case. 

Condition: Nice and well loved! And for good reason. It has suffered no breaks or repairs. The original owner installed a Bigsby B3 at some point, but reinstalled the stop tail. The Bigsby screw holes are visible on the edge of the body next to the end pin. The top has some marks from the Bigsby but no holes (since it was a B3). The Bigsby is included. There is plenty of finish checking, small scratches, and finish wear on the back of the neck. One of the knobs is missing its reflector. 

Playability: Excellent! It's a spectacular player despite thorough fret wear and a few previous fret levels. I was very pleased with the remaining frets. The electronics have been cleaned and function as intended. The neck is straight and the truss rod operates as intended. The pickups sound divine!

Terms: 48 hour approval period with no questions asked returns. I do not charge a restock fee, however shipping costs are not refunded. Payment processing fees not refunded by the processor are also not refunded.

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